Help us change the face of medicine.

Food is the foundation of health. And yet less than ¼ of the medical schools in the United States have a SINGLE required course in nutrition.* Modern doctors are brilliantly trained to use drugs and surgery to combat health problems. But they are painfully under-prepared to help their patients prevent the chronic conditions, like heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes, that are the primary causes of death and misery in the world.

Imagine a health care system with physicians graduating from medical school trained in Lifestyle Medicine. How many millions of lives would be saved? How many trillions of dollars’ worth of medical expenses would be freed up?

You don’t have to imagine it any more. Right now – you can make it happen!

Here’s the strategy.

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) administers the US Medical Licensing Exams required to become a licensed physician. Right now, out of nearly 10,000 questions, do you know how many focus on lifestyle medicine or whole foods plant-based nutrition?

Almost NONE.

Like any school, medical schools teach to the test. If nutrition is on the tests, they’ll have the critical motivation required to make it a core part of the curriculum.

In 2018, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, True Health Initiative and Food Revolution Network joined forces to launch a petition, calling on the NBME to add whole foods nutrition-related questions to the question bank provided to medical schools. Dozens of the most distinguished medical authorities in the United States signed on. NBME responded with acceptance, and a challenge. They said that if we create suitable questions, written by qualified professionals – they will add them to the question bank.

Now it’s time to develop a lifestyle medicine question bank that medical schools can use as part of their Categorical Assessment Tests. And we need to raise some money in order to hire distinguished medical authorities who are qualified to author these questions strictly according to the NBME guidelines.

The end game is to get 75% of U.S. Medical Schools to use these questions – thus literally changing the course of health history.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, with support from Food Revolution Network, needs to raise $250,000 to accomplish this goal. That’s $250 per question, for 1,000 qualified and evidence-based questions to be added to the NBME question bank.

Want to help? You can become part of the united effort to transform health and redefine healthcare in the United States and around the globe.  Please consider a donation of $250 to “buy a question.”